The Journal third meeting about The Nobel Prize

Today on 5 march 2012, sloria provide an explanation about the nobel prize. the man behind the Nobel Prize is Alfred Benhard Nobel.  he was a chemist, engineer, and inventor, equeathed a vast majority of his wealth tothe belief that he was appointed as the fund from which annual gifts can be given to individuals and organizations that have been achieved through invention or discovery that will have a  for humanity in a given year. initially there are five classification for outstanding contributions in Nobel designated including chemistry, physics, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace internasional. however In 1969, the sixth prize, for his achievements in the economic andendowed by the Central Bank of Sweden, was added.

Prospective gifts must be nominated in writing by February 1 each year by a qualifiedand recognized authorities in their respective fields of competition.Recipient in physics, chemistry, and economics are selected by the Royal Swedish Academy, while the recipient of the peace elected by the Norwegian Nobel Committee appointed by the Norwegian parliament.

  • the main idea paragraph 1 : the man behind the Nobel Prize
  • the main idea paragraph 2 : the classifications of outstanding in nobel prize

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