English II for IT


  1. PO Bahasa Inggris
  2. My Journal Diary First Meeting About Photosynthesis
  3. My Journal Diary Second Meeting About Problem 104-109
  4. My journal Diary Third Meeting About The Nobel Prize
  5. My journal Diary Fourth Meeting About Commnication, Problem 110 – 115
  6. My Journal Diary Fifth Meeting About presentation in class and explain communication code
  7.  My Journal Diary Sixth Meeting About Listening Comprehension DTLA, DTLB, DTLC and Woman suffrage
  8. My Journal Diary Seventh Meeting


About Andrie Gozalie
Tuhan akan memberikan apa yang kamu inginkan, jika yang kamu inginkan adalah sesuatu yang Tuhan persiapkan untukmu

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