Pertemuan 11

Quiz pertemuan 11 PTI


1.physical transmission media is wire, cable, and other tangible material used to send communication signals.(benar)

2.coaxilal cable is used for telephone systems and network cabling.(false)

3.twisted-pair cable is often used for cable television wiring.(false)

4.the pictura is twisted-pair wire .(true)

5.fiber- optic cable is capable of carrying significantly more data at slower speeds than wire cables.(true)

6.wireless transmission media is used when inconvenient, impractical,or impossible to install cables.(true)

7.wireless transmission media included bluetooth and irDA.( true)

8.cellular radio is form of broadcast radio distributes radio signal over long and short distances.(false)

9.microwave station is earth-based reflective dish used for microwave communications.(true)

10.communications satelite space station that receives microwave  signals from earth -based station, amplifies signals, and broadcasts signals back to any number of earth – based stations.(true)


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