English For IT 1

LESSON ; Quiz Meeting 

  1. communicate with english 5x through hotmail live edu in lecture wall’s
  2. my presentation about computer of capabilities
  3. follow two training which are held by REC
  4. comment video eight meeting protozoanz
  5. comment video ninth meeting about acacia
  6. comment video twelfth meeting about alchemy
  7. comment video third meeting about oceanography
  8. error analysis and complete sentences

Objektive Assessment table ( English For IT )

1. Always attend the class and come on time, have >50% battery ipad
2. Make a simple article about yourself at 2 paragraph
3. Ask and answer questions in a class and make all quizes
4. Presentation in front of the class 1x
5. Communicate in English 5 x through hotmail live@edu in lecturer’s wall
6. Contribute in poster session
7. Follow 2 trainings which are held by REC
8. Make a collaborative journal
9. Make a research grant
10. Submit project report on time

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