My Journal Diary Sixth Meeting About Toefl Preparation

On 26 march 2012, the courses English For IT 2, mrs. Dwi describes ways to answer toefl, for listening, error analysis, and complete setence. then me and my friends are instructed to download diagnostic DTLA, DTLB, and DTLC. then told to listen to listening and answering diagnostic questions. then after his questions answered, sent to after that mrs.Dwi discuss toefl answer, and explain the main idea fifth meeting, and discuss the multiple-choice questions fourth meeting, and the fifth meeting. The main idea of fifth meeting :

  • The main idea of the historical first paragraph is why women do not vote the right.
  • The main idea of the second paragraph is support woman’s right to speak and participle equally with men in antislavery activities.
  • The main idea of third paragraph is the way how the Woman’s Suffrage granted.

after the fifth meeting and discuss the toefl, give the task to do mrs.Dwi sixth meeting, the main idea and multiple choice questions. and homework problem 116-136.


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