Pertemuan 9

menjawab Quis dan dikirim ke-email Dosen

Quiz pertemuan 9 PTI


1.communication chanel= media on which instruction, or information travel.(Salah )

2.internet telephony=sound over IP.(Salah)

3. Web services are software that allow people to share information.(Salah )

4.Metropolitan area network ( MAN) connects LANS in city or town.(benar)

5.peer-to-peer network is simple network that connects more than 10 computers.(salah)

6.this is a picture of bus network. ( salah )

7. In star network, all data transferred from one computer to another passes through hub.(Benar)

8. Srandard 802.11        Transfer rates  1 or 2 Mbps (benar)

9.RFID=radio frequency identification (Benar)

10.Extranet does not allow  customers or suplier to acces part to company’s intranet.(Salah )



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