The Journal fifth meeting presentation in class and explain communication code

On March 18, 2012 we entered the fifth day of the meeting to discuss the third meeting class about communication and presentation. The first presentation was crhistian raharjo, ariakhmaludin, and there are still some people who give presentations. material presented on the first meeting until the meeting to 7. after a few people giving the presentation we discuss the next meeting to 3 on the communication and other types of communication. we are given 5 minutes to find the main idea and conclusion of the third meeting. in the first paragraph discusses “the most advanced form of communication”, in the second paragraph discusses the ‘perception about the different culture symbol and gesture. and then in the third paragraph discusses the “signal, symbol, and gesture They disadvantage in communication” of the three paragraphs we conclude that a given person communication can be a variety of ways and forms, as in the form of signal, symbol, gesture, and others.

after that we send you the task of gathering quiz 3 and 4 to the mailing list ilearning mrs. Dwi sloria Suharti. than that mrs. Dwi assign tasks to the second presentation in video form to the meeting from 8 to 14 meetings.

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