History of Steve jobs


Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple Computer Inc.. which is famous for its productsMacintoshnya while Bill gates the creator. In 1975, Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen founded Microsoft. And in 1976, and his colleague Steve SteveJobs Wozniacfounded Apple Inc., in the garage. At that time they were able to sell the Apple I computer that originally wrapped.

in wood & using old TV screen. actually 2 campspromoting their company with other people’s work. In the group of Steve Jobs et al, glory, when Apple began where they managed to create a computer that has an attractive GUI, by using the mouse as a pointer or kursos. The idea of ​​using the mouse and the graph they steal or hijack from Xerox

By the time Apple had a big or successful, or the creator of Microsoft’s Bill Gates is still a small company. But their basic product is quite attractive to IBM and Bill Gatessomeday Meet with IBM’s top brass. At the meeting, Bill Gates convinced IBM thatthey have the required IBM products. Though Bill Gates et al do not have any idea orprepare anything when leaving for a meeting on the part of IBM’s top brass. BillGates et al too confused to keep their promises. In the midst of the confusion BillGates et al, Allen visited a small software house. At the store he saw xdosprograms, and Allen was buying its licensors. The program is exactly what eventuallyresold it to IBM by Bill Gates. That, too, with a license that is still held by Microsoft.The program later became MS-DOS, which exist in all computers that use Windowsat this time. Imagine how hurt, disappointed, very, very angry to know the creatorxdos products in plow or stolen. Since the cooperation with IBM, Microsoft alsocontinues to grow, but still remains under Apple Inc..


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