The Journal fourth meeting about communication and problem 110 – 115

Today, on 12 March 2012 sloria provide an explain about Communication,  as always, we are given 10 minutes to find the main idea of the language of communication, right now I will give some idea of the communication code. there are many way of communication without using words in every culture, signals, signs, symbols, and gesture are commonly utilized as instruments of communication.

symbol are more difficult to describe than either signals or signs because of their intricate relationship with the receiver’s culture perceptions. gesture such as weaving and handshaking also communicate certain culture messages.

although signals, signs, symbol, and gestures are very useful, they also have amajor disadvantage in communication. they usually do not allow ideas to be shared without the sender being directly adjacent to the receiver. without an exchange of ideas, interaction comes to a halt. as a result means of communicatio intended to be used across long distances and extended periods must be based upon speech.


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